Is Actos Off the Market? The Answer May Surprise You

The answer to the question, “is Actos off the market” is dependent on which market you are talking about. Despite warnings, the FDA has allowed Actos to remain on the market in the United States. Yet, several European countries including France and Germany have taken Actos off the market at least in part because of the possible connection between Actos and bladder cancer. Additionally, the FDA has warned physicians not to prescribe Actos to patients who have active bladder cancer or who have a history of bladder cancer.

While the answer to the “is Actos off the market” question may differ from country to country, there is only one answer to the question “does Actos cause bladder cancer”.  According to the FDA, the use of Actos for more than one year may be associated with an increased risk of developing bladder cancer.

Thus, if you are taking Actos to treat your Type 2 Diabetes then it is important to speak to your doctor about this risk and about how best to protect yourself.