Anapol Schwartz Takes The Wheel for Drive Safely Work Week

Philadelphia Personal Injury Form, Anapol Schwartz, has announced that it will take part in Drive Safely Work Week 2011.   The Annual Event, held from October 3rd-7th, is sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety.  During this week, employers present their staff with a number of activities designed to raise awareness of bad driving habits, and offer safe alternatives. The Employers then sign a pledge promising not to contact or expect a response from their  employees while they know they are driving. The Employees in turn pledge not to use handheld mobile devices while behind the wheel.

Currently unaware of any other Philadelphia law firms publicly adopting a distracted driving policy or taking part in Drive Safely Work Week, Anapol Schwartz is taking the wheel and inviting other firms tojoin in Drive Safely Work Week’s 2011 campaign, known as Focus 360.  This year’s tag line  is “Getting There Safely is Everyone’s business.”

Anyone interested in taking part can download the 2011 Drive Safely Work Week Took Kit at:

The staff and attorneys at Anapol Schwartz have made a commitment to end Distracted Driving, not just during the first week of October, but for all time.