Harrisburg Personal Injury – Surgical Fires are a Serious Problem that Must be Reported

Medical safety experts are now saying that reporting medical errors such as surgical fires to outside agencies can actually help prevent them. In Pennsylvania, when a fire breaks out and burns a patient during surgery, the law requires that it be reported to the state Patient Safety Authority. Experts say that getting the word out about such mistakes or medical malpractice in Harrisburg, PA creates awareness among patients; keeps the number of injuries down; and lowers the amount of medical malpractice lawsuits. Reporting any type of medical error or negligence goes a long way in improving patient safety.

Surgical fires don’t occur often, but when they do happen, severe injuries typically result. Patients who go in for a simple outpatient procedure have also been burned in some cases. It is tragic that an individual who goes in for a simple procedure ends up with severe burns and is scarred for a lifetime. These surgery errors can be prevented and often occur because of a medical professional’s negligence or due to a defective product. A recent report mentions that according to an estimate by the ECRI Institute, about 650 surgical fires occur nationwide each year. About 20 to 30 of these incidents result in disfigurement or debilitating injuries and a handful result in death.

Remember, before you go into any procedure or take a family member in for surgery, it is very important that you know and understand the process of the procedure. Never be afraid to ask your doctor questions. Always be aware of your rights. Harrisburg personal injury attorneys will thoroughly investigate your malpractice claim if you have been injured in a surgical fire or due to another form of hospital negligence.